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Merely getting links to your website to improve your page ranking is not enough. The quality of these links is equally important. A page rank link can either higher or lower your ranking depending on the website’s ranking. Therefore your focus should always be on links that offer you a higher ranking than your standard. A high page rank will increase the amount of traffic to your website. The more traffic that you have pouring into your website, the more business you will generate. One way links are the best way to get a high page rank. This method however, is not easy as you will have to be choosy about the links that associate themselves with your site. It is important to understand that the page rank of the proposed link will affect your ranking as well. Therefore choosing the right page rank link is crucial. One way links with a high page ranking allow your site to be ranked two points lower. This means that if the linking site has a page rank of 10, you will get a page rank of 8 and so on. If the site that links to your website has a low rank, then your website will also be ranked low.

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