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Natural link building is a crucial part of search engine optimization. When search engines review a website in order to rank it, one of the aspects that are taken into account is the number of links that are attached to the site. Each link is a vote. When a third party links their website to your website, without any kind of intervention or encouragement from you, this process is known as natural link building. There is no kind of monetary compensation involved in this kind of link building process either. When an onlooker finds your website and the information that you have on it useful and relevant, they are free to link their site to yours. Natural links are formed in this manner. The process is also called relevant quality link building. Given the nature of this process, it cannot be achieved overnight. Relevant link building takes time and therefore you must be patient. It is possible to speed up the process through a viral marketing campaign. This is a natural process that immensely benefits your site. The best way to accumulate natural links is through blogs.

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