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Brand Review Post

Brand review is the conventional way of promoting brands. In this technique you/your clients post nice and good lines about you and your brand name with specific keyword. This method influenced your clients to make a purchase of your brand. Because of good traffic at certain website, you will have frequent business leads and crawling.

Brand Review Post



Lens Formation

Lens at squidoo is an educational webpage at squidoo portal; the webpage is known as lens. Squidoo assist you in representing information about the service, company and product with some impressive overlook and images. Squidoo have decline internet traffic and qualitative lenses so link form there is handled as good quality link by top rank search engines.

Lens Formation



Personal Blog

Another indirect approach to promote a site through off page optimization process is the personal blog. With this process, you can design external blog and support the site through the blog. Place your link at the thematic content in between the content and bear key idea of your brands. Your clients will feel safe to find you online to update and support.  

Blogging in India



Social Networking - Twitter, Facebook etc

Brand Promotion from Social Networking Platform is the most efficient tool for brand visibility and awareness online in Google Architecture – 2010. Google Caffeine and Real Time Search are milestones that may be crossed by this easily. With this method you can communicate, persuade and aware your prospect customers/clients regarding your service/product feature benefits/ your USP more of “How you are better than your rivals.” You will be connected directly with your customers and they will feel safer and secure with you since they can access you for support 24-7. Using these 3 forms you will be able to create links

  • Link with educational post  
  • Link in form of remarks at similar Posts
  • Link at Profile

SMO Services India



Testimonial Writing

Testimonial writing is the conventional link building method what helps in domain maximization. In this method you will write few good things about other site/blog and place your url with your name; this method does not support any keyword but gives strong back link to you.

testimonial writing India



Wikipedia Post

Wikipedia is a common knowledge base of present time and data from wikipedia is known as reliable and authentic. If you post an informative article regarding the service and product with link of external blog (personal and corporate blog, needs to be informative again) will developed the credibility with quality traffic and back links as well but article at wikipedia might not considered as permanent since there is a very high quality parameters.

Wikipedia Post

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